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Craftsmanship makes good design great. It pays attention to detail and finely balances functionality with beauty.

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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Craftsmanship is most often associated with hand-making and traditional techniques. But it’s also about dedicating time and effort to a particular skill.

Our company is built on that ethos. Every member of the team is committed to refining and practising their skills over the course of their career. As a result, the Matthew Marsden team comprises designers and cabinet makers who are craftspeople in the truest sense of the word. They combine invaluable experience with reassuring expertise.

Passion & Pride

Passion & Pride

By blending traditional techniques and innovation we create expertly-constructed, beautifully-made pieces for your home. But it’s not just about dovetailing the perfect joint or manufacturing a stunning piece of custom cabinetry. It’s also about the way our designs elevate your enjoyment of your home.

We are only content when every aspect of a room meets your aspirations. So, we design, plan, make and install with passion and pride. And we ensure that you experience outstanding craftsmanship at every level of our business.

Bespoke Kitchen

“It’s increasingly difficult to find true craftsmanship in a world where a premium is placed on speed and things are made to be disposable. We want you to be wowed at every stage of your project. And we want you to see, value and benefit from our modern artisanship. Only that level of quality befits our reputation.”

Our Lancashire showroom opens the door to the best of UK and overseas designers, it’s local with an international perspective.