Local is Best

local-is-bestA bespoke handmade kitchen and free standing furniture company believes that local is best, both in terms of quality and style.

Matthew Marsden Furniture in Eccleston, Lancashire are famed for their quintessentially English, handmade kitchens, but devotees of local heritage will be pleased to know that their kitchens are not just English – more specifically, they’re Lancastrian!

Matthew Marsden Furniture’s beautiful creations are made using products that have been sourced almost entirely from Lancashire, therefore supporting local business and utilising the very best our county has to offer.

From their timber merchants to their high end electrical appliance dealers and their granite suppliers, Matthew Marsden have secured contracts to ensure they can continue to use local products in their tailor-made, handcrafted furniture.

Matthew says: “We’re incredibly proud of our Lancashire heritage and we take great pride in saying that our bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, gun rooms, studies and libraries are made using locally sourced goods. Our bespoke furniture is of the best quality available and that, in part, is thanks to our suppliers.”

To find out more and to view some of Matthew Marsden Furniture’s beautiful creations, take a trip to their showroom – it’s well worth a visit.