The Man Behind the Myth

man-behind-mythAlthough customers are familiar with the company’s reputation, many still get a surprise when they realise Matthew Marsden really exists.

A joiner by trade, Matthew has carved out quite a name for himself as the creator of bespoke furniture. Visitors to the family-owned workshop in Eccleston are always thrilled to discover that the busy chap in the jeans and a shirt, with a pencil behind his ear, is the man himself.

“Customers seem to think Matthew is some sort of mythical, fictional character. When I say to them ‘that’s Matthew over there, why don’t I introduce you to him’ they look shocked. It’s quite funny really,” said his wife and fellow director, Sue.

Other customers expect the boss to be a smartly-dressed company executive. “They imagine him to be all suited and booted but he’s usually covered in dust and wood shavings with a tape measure on his pocket. Matthew is very hands-on. He’s never happier than when he is in the workshop,” added Sue.

Matthew designs and makes every door and drawer. His skilled craft produces hand-built kitchens and exquisite bedroom, study and library furniture – all made to your exact requirements and budget.

Matthew really doesn’t mind being disturbed at work so why not pop in and meet the man behind the myth?