At Matthew Marsden Furniture every piece is hand made in our workshops at Eccleston, Lancashire using only the finest materials available. We take huge pride in what we produce.

I started out my trade working for my Father in his building company as an apprentice carpenter and joiner and served my apprenticeship within the company. I preferred the finer element in the joinery spectrum and from an early age I designed and made small display cabinets which my Mother sold in her DIY shop. From there I designed and installed the kitchens for the houses my Father would build and demand grew from there.

The Marsden family have worked from our site at Eccleston since 1929. I made the decision to design and manufacture my own furniture and since then it has been unbelievable. To design, plan and manufacture something so beautiful as our furniture and start with raw wood with bark on it and produce a wonderful piece, to me, is the best thing in the world.

I see what I do not as a job but a dream and a passion.
 I only hope I can share my passion with you.